" Hey It's Ya Girl Felicia Katsson" 

My name is Felicia and I hail from Oakland, CA. I’ve always been a big personality and my interest in Radio/Media began at the Media Academy of Fremont High School. I was blessed to have an awesome teacher by the name of Michael Jackson that believed in my talent and encouraged me to participate in school radio which, I did. But I didn’t fully take advantage of the opportunity as it was presented.

           10 years later, I realized  I’d been running from my calling and decided now is the time to pursue my dream. In the current climate of emerging content creators, this is the perfect opportunity to embark on this journey. I began on YouTube reviewing Hip Hop and this propelled my passion even more. I relocated to Atlanta and discovered a passion for helping independent artists.


This led me to begin working with SCM Music Group to coordinate “Industry Nights” at local venues that featured YFN Lucci, DaBaby, Peewee Longway, Yungmal, QC, Worl, Young Joc, and more.


Ultimately, my goal is to create a platform that allows artists to showcase themselves beyond music and to collaborate with fellow artists, producers, and DJ’s worldwide. I want to show them that creating and maintaining relationships in the music industry goes a long way.

           Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to connecting and working with you

Felicia Katsson