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Updated: May 5, 2020

R&B artists are very hard to find these days like good one, every so often you find those artists that are bomb AF. The radio gives you these waterdown artist and you can think to yourself there is no hope in the genre, like siri "play Mary J". but that not what I felt when I stumbled on Sum1sounds.

I was first introduced to Sum1sounds on Missy Elliot’s single drip demeanor and her voice was so peaceful and authentic. I started to search looking for more because, I was so drawn into wanting to know more about her. On April 24th she released an EP titled “Quarantine & Chill “and even though it is a 4-song project I see where she is taking us. It is like a modern-day demo to world just to let everyone know she is coming. It was just enough to tease us to make us want more.

The EP reminding me of a 90s vibe and made you feel the emotions behind every note she was hitting. Sum1sounds can most definitely be in the conversation with some of these R&B girls with mainstream attention. She has her own style and can stand in her own lane, her uniqueness sets her apart. I look forward to seeing her grow with more projects and visuals, she definitely an artist to watch.

If you have not check out her project available on all streaming services.

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