Happy International Women's Day: Hip Hop Edition

Happy International Women Day. I wanted to take the time out to give appreciation to the women in hip hop. For the longest time I would say women made up 10% of the mainstream hip hop community. It’s very sad because I know there are more than 10% of talented women in the world. After the 90s it wasn’t to many female artist coming into the scene you get a good verse or two but that it. Mainstream market for women had died really after Missy Elliot took a hiatus.

In 2010 Young Money introduced #NickiMinaj to mainstream media. I appreciate the way she came in the game became she enter as forced to be reckoned with. Most labels were not taking risk anymore with women because they cost too much to see a return on investment. Nicki Minaj put them on noticed like it was money to be made in female rap. Nicki was out rapping her male counterparts her most notable verse on Kanye west song "Monster" alongside with Rick Ross & Jay-Z. Nicki ran the game for a good 7 years consistently gave us some cute lil bops.

After Nicki Minaj dominance and the rise of social media it catapulted a new renaissance of the female rap. In 2017 we saw another star emerge Cardi B, with her Hit single “Bodak yellow” with only 4 months her single went #1 first time since Lauryn Hill. From there Cardi B was the standard of success opening more doors that Nicki had started is now available for everyone.

With the crazy success of #CardiB and her rise to fame from social media women started putting themselves out there more. It literally a rapper out now that represents every kind of woman and it just not one standard. Women rap has ran the industry and charts heavily for the past 2 years but with the success it has been downfall.

With the success of the women and social media it has the cattiness with narrative it only can be one rapper in the game. I don’t like how other media outlets promote this negative stereotype and how the women play into this role. We don’t see this much hate in the rap game with males it can be 1000 of them but just 1 female.

#MeganTheeStallion, #CityGirls, #Saweetie, #Drezzy, #DreamDoll, #LightskinKeisha, #Rapsody, #TierraWhack, #RicoNasty, #KashDoll, #AsiantheBrat , #CubanDoll, #Mulatto, #MollyBrazy , #RenniRucci, #YoungMa, #Kamiyah, #ChineseKitty, #Tink, #StefflonDon, #Kentheman, #KaliCass, #RubiRose ,#DojaCat, #PrincessNokia, #DejLoaf, #Chika, and so many more. These women have been coming out in full force and my opinion have been releasing better music and switching the narrative and becoming a women dominance industry.

This sisterhood and unity in the rap game was so needed I love seeing everyone supporting and collaborating with each other. One thing i would love to see is a tour with some of these ladies this summer so we all can #actup. It's a new woman entering the game everyday and it's a beautiful thing to see. This post is intended just show my appreciation to all the women past present and future.

Thank you so much for all yall do and keep it going . #Happyinternationalwomensday

New Releases

  • Light Skin Keisha-Talk that Talk

  • Kash Doll-Wake Up

  • Kamiyah-Got It Made

  • Nicki Minaj-Yikes

  • Megan Thee Stallion-Suga

  • Renni Rucci-Bitch Do It

  • Dream Doll Ft G-Eazy & Rahky-Who You Lovin ?

  • Mullato & Saucy Santana-Up and Down

  • Tink-Hopless Romantic

  • Akbar V-Always Be

Photo Credit : Phaser Magazine

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