Album Reviews

My thoughts not yours 


Jhene Aiko

Jhene never misses a beat and  keeps me in my feelings. She makes me  wanna love a nigga, fuck his shit up, miss his ass all in one album. I smoked a blunt and just sat and listen to Chilombo and I experienced the west coast soulful sounds. Jhene has been pretty consistent with the music she has been making. She talks about everything us women in the hood be thinking so it is relatable. She say what most rappers would say but adds a peaceful tone.

Every collaboration on the album was perfectly put together my favorite feature has to be  with H.E.R on B.S. Jhene took it back with adding interludes into her album my favorite parts because it separates the music with a new vibe. My only critic is that the album has some song that similar songs from previous project. Not bad thing but I don’t want to get to a point that her whole catalog is the exact same.

Hopeless Romantic

I was excited to hear that Tink was releasing music, something settles and to get over a fuck boy for Valentine day. She has always been one of the R&B girls that I always wanted to see win. Her music is more relatable for all ages, I feel like her career was on a downside after dealing with the legendary producer Timberland, I’m happy she divorced that relationship. Hopeless Romantic gave me another classic, I am really feeling the revival of r&b and the state its going . I Rate Hopeless Romantic 4.2 Stars